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SOLV and Härting organise e-commerce in Germany on 10 November 2015

More and more Dutch webshops are exploring the opportunities to expand their business to foreign markets. Not only do Dutch entrepreneurs try their luck elsewhere in the Benelux, but particularly Germany has also proven itself to be a promising and lucrative market. However, entering the German market poses challenges, such as with regard to the applicable laws and regulations.

As a follow-up to the successful ‘Holland Day’ held in Cologne in March this year, we will delve into legal and other aspects of e-commerce in Germany on the Germany Day. This event will take place on Tuesday, 10 November 2015, at SOLV’s office in Amsterdam. A range of practical and legal issues regarding e-commerce, cookies, advertising and privacy will take centre stage that day. The experienced lawyers of the Berlin law firm Härting Rechtsanwälte will discuss the legal particularities in Germany in great detail, supplemented by SOLV’s legal expertise of the Dutch market.

The day will feature presentations given by Philipp Schröder, Philipp Wunderlin and Philipp C. Redlich as Härting’s representatives. Thomas van Essen, Marieke Neervoort and Tomas Weermeijer will speak on behalf of SOLV. To conclude, Linda Patricia Jaram (bevh) will go into specific non-legal characteristics of the German e-commerce market.

To find out more about this first Germany Day, please consult the programme available here. Entry is free of charge. To enter, simply send an e-mail to Edwin Knoth at As the number of seats is limited, we advise you to sign up soon.

We look forward to seeing you on the Germany Day on 10 November.

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