Margot Wiertz-ErmersMargot Wiertz-Ermers

Margot Wiertz-Ermers holds office independently in Bergamo (Italy) and has a partnership with SOLV. Margot is a member of the Bergamo Bar Association.

Margot has two years of experience at the Council of State (Raad van State), the highest administrative court in the Netherlands. She successfully completed RAIO, a training programme for judges and public prosecutors in the Netherlands. In the course of this programme, Margot worked at the IP Department of Unilever France in Paris for twelve months and also spent a year at SOLV, where she liked it so much that she decided to stay.

Margot studied law at the University of Nijmegen. In addition to her studies in Nijmegen, she studied law and economics at the Business School of Copenhagen for six months. Before going to university, Margot lived in the United States for a year and also lived in France. She is therefore fluent in English, French and Italian, which is of great benefit when dealing with international contract negotiations.