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SOURCE the possibility for attorneys to work at a law firm but on their own account and risk. Partners of SOURCE have access to our know how, office facilities and other services. 

Kim van haastrecht

Kim van Haastrecht specialises in competition law and European law. Kim started her legal career at CMS Derks Star Busmann, transferring to Boekel De Nerée a little under four years later.

Her clients and peers commend her for how well she combines profound knowledge with a pragmatic approach. Her main concern is representing her clients’ interests, without making cases more complicated than strictly necessary. Kim’s strategy matches well with the no-nonsense approach the SOLV lawyers take to their practice.

You can contact Kim by sending an email to or calling her at +31 6 46970576.


Want to become a partner?

What we ask:
- at least seven years of experience as a lawyer;
- your own practice;
- an entrepreneurial mindset; and
- a fixed fee.


For more information regarding SOURCE, please contact Thomas van Essen.