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About SOLV

SOLV is a niche law firm fully dedicated to technology, media and communications: TMC. Focussing on these practice areas, we handle cases relating to ICT, privacy, advertising, the Internet, eCommerce, entertainment & media and intellectual property on a day-to-day basis. Founded in 2000, SOLV is one of the oldest and most experienced boutique law firms in the Netherlands.

SOLV’s aim is to keep innovating, by always looking for ways to improve our services to our clients. Our tools include providing access to our know-how, publishing white papers and organising in-house training courses.

We also keep our fees innovative. Fixed fees, subscriptions and fees depending on the outcome of legal proceedings are some of the options.

new ways of working

SOLV is one of the first law firms in the Netherlands to embrace Het Nieuwe Werken: new and efficient ways of working and collaborating. The office layout was designed specifically with this philosophy in mind. Rather than fixed workstations, we now have flex spaces, telephone cubicles, quiet areas and conference rooms.

When commissioning the architects and designers of Buro RUIM, SOLV emphasised that it wanted its existing fixtures and fittings to be reused. It is therefore proud that the team actually managed to find a new use for virtually all furniture and lighting. This recycling effort is in keeping with SOLV’s CSR policy, as is its aim to be a paperless office.

The underlying principle is to ‘think digitally’, which means working in digital form wherever possible. Big stacks of paper files are a thing of the past. All SOLV staff members have an iPad, which eliminates the need to print everything and take files everywhere they go.

For more information, please contact Edwin Knoth.

practice areas by lawyer

Please feel free to contact our lawyers. They are listed below with a specification of each lawyer’s primary practice areas.

Wanda van Kerkvoorden: cloud computing, outsourcing, online platforms, IT, compliance

Thomas van Essen: cookies, privacy, big data, mobile services, gaming

Douwe Linders: fashion, design, publishing companies, advertising, eCommerce, entertainment & media

legal aid

The Clinic Foundation is the first legal advice centre specialising in technology, media and communications (TMC), established by SOLV in 2008. The Clinic provides free primary legal advice to private individuals and small businesses.

The Clinic is run by six students in the final stages of their studies, under the guidance of experienced lawyers. They are happy to answer any questions you may have, for instance relating to copyright law, trademark law or privacy on the Internet.

Please visit the Clinic website to find out more.