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The Clinic, the first legal advice centre specialising in technology, media and communications (TMC), was established in August 2008. The Clinic provides free legal advice in these fields to low-wealth individuals and small start-ups.

The Clinic is SOLV’s answer to the debate about access to specialist legal professionals. Fees have increased to such a level that engaging an expert in the field of IP/ICT and information law has become simply impossible for many. Through the Clinic, SOLV offers these clients an opportunity to obtain advice free of charge.

The Clinic is an independent foundation run by a team of students. The Clinic students discuss new cases with the SOLV team over lunch on Wednesdays. After lunch the students set to work, contacting and advising the parties requesting assistance by telephone.

The students also help build a cutting-edge online know-how system and manage the foundation, receiving intensive support and guidance from the SOLV lawyers.

Visit the Clinic website to find out more or submit a question.