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It takes more than excellent legal skills to be an excellent lawyer. Above all, excellent lawyers are able to put their knowledge into practice. As this requires a deep understanding of both client and market, SOLV specialises not only in the legal field but also in a specific part of the market. SOLV is the only law firm in the Netherlands with an exclusive focus on new technologies, media and communications: TMC.


We are proud of our clients and vice versa. Our clients vary from Internet companies, direct marketeers, biotechnology corporations, broadcasting organisations, investors, publishers, software developers and telecommunications providers. What our clients have in common is that they appreciate a personal approach to business in conjunction with down to earth advice. We collaborate closely with our clients and consider our firm an extension of their business.


The SOLV lawyers all have their own legal specialties. Together the SOLV team stands for multidisciplinary services for your business. At SOLV you will find experts in the fields of intellectual property, ICT, biotechnology, freedom of information, privacy, eCommerce, telecommunications law, corporate law and tax law. Working together with other law firms in the Netherlands and abroad allows us to refer our clients when we do not have the required skills.