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'Opticians and hearing aid dispensers in the Netherlands operate in a highly competitive market. Out of all of them, we felt that Specsavers was the best to get the message of professionalism across. The standards that opticians have to meet and the educational entry requirements in the Netherlands are less strict than in other countries, including the UK. Hence, the aim that Specsavers sought and still seeks to achieve is to raise the threshold and to demonstrate that our opticians and audiologists have certain qualifications. It is important to us that our customers see that we are totally dedicated to this.

The advertising campaign, like any other, carried risks. Every brand or company launching a similar campaign in the Netherlands understands that there will be hurdles that need to be taken. But we were proved right in the end. We were thoroughly satisfied with how SOLV handled the case, also because it emphasised the factual accuracy of our campaign.'